RAYTHEON 12AU7 Internals by Philips/Amperex

RAYTHEON JAN JRP 12AU7/USA Internals by Philips/Amperex
Military spec 12AU7 tubes made in 1962. All tubes have CXDJ etched code on the glass that we believe it is a US naval abbreviation. These tubes have kind of hybrid construction: Like its 12AX7 sister, these have those well known Philips/Amperex/Mullard internals with copper grid posts inside a non-European glass envelope, so do not get surprised when you see the typical European flash at the start-up. The remaining tubes in stock have been pulled out of the military equipment and tested like new.

Quantity in Stock : 6 pcs
Price : US$ 20.00/each; US$ 42.00/matched pair


  1. Lively, detail, balance, and a very good sound stage and wonderful 3D image. They give a bit energy on top. Bass is deep and tight. I first listened to CDs, I feel the sound a little too bright for me. But when I spin LPs vinyl - BINGO ! A sweet vocal, airy and silky high, and never sound bright at all on the LPs. And what most impress me is these tubes are very very quiet. I like them more than PSVANE 12AU7 new production tubes that I was previously using. And cheaper than the PSVANE. I am ordering some more now.

  2. My Ayon Spirit III had tungsol 12AU7 gold pin tubes. When I changed tubes with Raytheon, new sound made me very happy. These tubes produce more dynamic, detail sound with wider stage.

    Thanks, Mr. Koray.


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