Siemens&Halske ECC81

Siemens&Halske ECC81 Munich Germany 1960's 
Made by Munich factory/Germany in the early and mid 1960's. Mostly from the same batches. Like all other Siemens&Hlaske tubes these are far superior to the later production new logo Siemens ECC81s including the ECC801. We offer high quality German tubes in NEVER USED/MINT condition at bargain price. A part of the stock is labeled for Telefunken and Valvo.

Quantity:  5 pcs
Price : US$ 40.00/each; US$ 85.00/matched pair          


  1. These are great tubes for my preamp, providing lovely, extended highs, a sweet midrange and natural bass. Also Koray's knowledge, assistance and service are the best I have experienced. I will be back for my third order soon. Thanks again, Simon, Melbourne/Australia.

  2. I have buy many tubes for my diverse DIY tube amp guitar project on the web. USA, Asia, Europe, Ebay,... Koray is the best for his knowledge and for his impressionant NOS tubes stock in very perfect condition!
    If a fidelity card will be exist one day for the, i will take one!!!

  3. These are very good tubes for guitar amps. it Sound almost like mullard but in the clear way.

    Perfect for me. Thanks koray!!


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