Amperex JAN CEP 6688 / E180F

Amperex JAN CEP 6688 / E180F  Triple Mica
According to the Mullard handbook " this is a high-slope RF pentode primarily intended for use in wideband amplifiers in telephone carrier systems, radar equipment and measuring equipment." This tube can be used as preamp amplification as well. These are American milspec tubes from 1964, New York factory. All are from the same batch with Triple Mica, O-getter, gray plate and gold pins. Matched pairs available.

Quantity in stock : 35 pcs
Price : US$18,00/each


  1. Tubes are sent next day after the payment.I was waiting just 6 days for the shipment from Turkye to Serbia. Space shuttle fast service.Highly recomended seller.
    Greetings from Stevan.

  2. Fast reply ,good shipping rates, good prices all round.
    Rob Grant


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