Matsushita 12AX7 / ECC83 Japan Slanted Halo Getter

Matsushita 12AX7 / ECC83 Japan Slanted Halo Getter
Made in Japan with Philips/Mullard tooling and engineering in the 1970's. These have a 45 degree angled O-getter and identical plate structure to Philips/Mullard family short plates. That's why these are often referred to as "Japanese Mullard". The tubes in stock are labeled and boxed for CEI (Calvert Electronics Inc. which was one of the industrial tube re-labeler/suppliers in the US.

Quantity in Stock : Out of Stock!
Price : Grade A @ US$42,00/ea ; US$89,00/matched pair
          Grade B @ US$37,00/ea ; US$79,00/matched pair
          Grade C @ US$22,00/ea ; US$49,00/matched pair


  1. Very good packaging and tubes!!! Thanks Mr.Koray

  2. This item is an excelent tube. I have bought many tubes in NOSTUBESTORE and all of them are very strong.

    The best service-item-price relation in the tube-world.

    Thanks Koray!!

  3. koray always have good valves so thanks for it.

    This matsushita sound very mullarish!!

    Perfect item for me!

  4. Japanese tubes always been true sleepers, that's right, good tube, sounds awesome. Thanks NOSTUBESTORE for having some good tubes. The service is perfect. I highly recommend this site.


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