RCA 5751 Triple Mica Black Plates

RCA 5751WA Triple Mica Black Plates
Premium 5751/12AX7 with 3 mica spacers and 2 support rods to ensure low microphonics.  These are labeled and boxed for Heintz & Kaufman - Gammatron. One of the best 5751 tubes ever made. Low noise, good texture. Great for guitar and phono...

Quantity in Stock : 2 pcs
Price : US$ 97,00/ea ; US$ 199,00/matched pair   


  1. Compared to the 2-Mica version, I find the RCA Triple Mica Black Plate 5751 to be tonally “thicker.” Taken as a whole, both versions are fantastic.

  2. These tubes sound excellent in my McIntosh MC275mkVI. Smooth without sounding wimpy. Highly recommended.

  3. Bought some more of these, because after getting used to them, I cannot imagine running anything else in my MC275... Consistent quality, tightly matched. They don't make 'em like this any more...


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